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Chesapeake Bay Inshore/Offshore GPS Fishing Coordinates

Quite a while ago, on the Tidalfish boards, someone posted a list of GPS Coordinates that listed wrecks, reefs, etc., for the Virginia area. It included inshore and offshore numbers. I wanted to make that list easy to import into a GPS unit.

As a geocacher, I was able to play around with some of my GPS tools and get the list into a .gpx file, which can be read by several free… READ THE REST


Matt is a true redneck computer geek. Half data analyst, half redneck, and all fisherman, don't be decieved...he's not nearly as intelligent as he looks.

Luck favors the prepared, which is why Matt has to make a checklist every time he goes fishing. Unfortunately, it's a new list every time, and something important always gets left off. Well, that's not entirely true, but often whatever it is that he remembered to bring will break when he needs to use it.


Todd is a man of few words. That's because he's either out of breath, eating a sammich, or too busy trying to restrain the string of profanities that is on the tip of his tongue. Or he's laughing at Matt.

Todd is the big brother Matt never had. Actually Matt has a big brother, but his real big brother never puts him in any life-threatening situations like Todd does with the regularity of the tides.