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When I first started collecting fishing gear, I had one rod, and one tackle box. The rod was used in salt or fresh water. I used it to catch 4-inch bluegills in a local pond, and I hauled in 20-inch striped bass out of saltwater. My tacklebox had one rack for freshwater (hooks, and bobbers…that’s it), and one for saltwater (hooks and sinkers).

Those days are astern. Now I have a specific rod for each… READ THE REST

My wife gets this little eye twitch when you bring up the topic of coolers at our house. She swears that she wasn’t terrified of coolers until after she married me, but I have my doubts. Deep-seated fear like that doesn’t happen overnight.

Like any outdoorsman, I’ve had my share of coolers over the years that have met with various fates. I’ve had coolers fall out of the boat in rough seas, watched them fall… READ THE REST

I wish that the term “blowout” meant that the wind was too great and we had to cancel our fishing trip.

Not for Matt & Todd. “Blowout” means exactly that…a tire, usually on the boat trailer, blowing out.

Yup…nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like cruising down the interstate and hearing the “boom” followed by the very loud rattling of hub on asphalt.  Especially when you’re on a turn from one interstate (I-64) to another (I-95),… READ THE REST