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So, on Sunday, December 4th, the extreme fishermen left the barn. After finally getting the boat back (after Hurricane Irene dropped a tree on her), we were itching to get back on the water.

What a beautiful day! Warm weather, calm winds, and great company made our trip seem like something right out of a Bud Light commercial. (I love you, man. But you’re not getting my Bud!)

What could possibly go wrong? Or,… READ THE REST

Every spring in Richmond, when the dogwoods bloom, the Shad are “running” up the James River in Richmond. It is that glorious time of year when the Ancarrows boat ramp becomes the home of countless boat-owning lunatics. The banks of the James are lined with people, who, if they chose, could hop to the other side of the river on the boats that are stacked in like cord wood.

Which is why we decided go… READ THE REST

(Editor’s Note: Todd wrote this story, but I added my comments in red.  At least I think it’s red, being color blind and all.)

Years ago when Matt and I first started fishing together, trips were pretty straight forward. We were both too poor for charter boats or guides, or even decent tackle. Back then, all the fishing gear I owned fit neatly in half of the back seat of my car with room… READ THE REST