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First crabbing trip of the 2012 season. Not a bad start to the season. Great shakedown cruise to work out some kinks.

(Editor’s Note: Todd wrote this story, but I added my comments in red.  At least I think it’s red, being color blind and all.)

Years ago when Matt and I first started fishing together, trips were pretty straight forward. We were both too poor for charter boats or guides, or even decent tackle. Back then, all the fishing gear I owned fit neatly in half of the back seat of my car with room… READ THE REST

Matt and Todd met in college, in September of 1988.

That was the first time Matt tried to kill him.

It wasn’t on purpose that time.  They had met in some 100-level class. (Shocking that these two bubbas are college-edjamacated!)  It didn’t take long for the topic of fishing to come up, since it was a passion for both of them.

It was just a few weeks ago that Matt had discovered a beautiful piece… READ THE REST