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First crabbing trip of the 2012 season. Not a bad start to the season. Great shakedown cruise to work out some kinks.

So, on Sunday, December 4th, the extreme fishermen left the barn. After finally getting the boat back (after Hurricane Irene dropped a tree on her), we were itching to get back on the water.

What a beautiful day! Warm weather, calm winds, and great company made our trip seem like something right out of a Bud Light commercial. (I love you, man. But you’re not getting my Bud!)

What could possibly go wrong? Or,… READ THE REST

Aha! Apparently the bad luck that frequently accompanies our trips is because of the “Todd” portion of “Matt and Todd”. I left the dock with my brother and nephew, and Todd was elsewhere. And it was one of the BEST FISHING TRIPS EVER!

Double Hook Up - Croaker and TroutMy nephew, Ryan, was visiting from Oregon, and had never been fishing on the East Coast. He’s not a total newbie…he has the fishing theory down, and in fact has wet a… READ THE REST