Quite a while ago, on the Tidalfish boards, someone posted a list of GPS Coordinates that listed wrecks, reefs, etc., for the Virginia area. It included inshore and offshore numbers. I wanted to make that list easy to import into a GPS unit.

As a geocacher, I was able to play around with some of my GPS tools and get the list into a .gpx file, which can be read by several free software programs (like EasyGPS), and imported into almost any GPS system.

At the time, I didn’t have a place to host the file to make it available for download.

Now that we’ve got this site going, we can load it here. Someone asked me about it recently, so I decided to make it available here for download.

GPX files aren’t allowed to be stored on my host, so I’ve renamed the extension to .CSV.

Click the link below to download it, THEN RENAME the file to bigbaylist.gpx instead of bigbaylist.csv:


Here’s an Excel version if you prefer:


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