When I first started collecting fishing gear, I had one rod, and one tackle box. The rod was used in salt or fresh water. I used it to catch 4-inch bluegills in a local pond, and I hauled in 20-inch striped bass out of saltwater. My tacklebox had one rack for freshwater (hooks, and bobbers…that’s it), and one for saltwater (hooks and sinkers).

Those days are astern. Now I have a specific rod for each species of fish, and multiple tackle boxes.

In all fairness, once you get a boat and start taking other people out fishing, you need a whole new level of gear. And you never, ever, throw out a fishing pole…it can always be fixed up for something, right?!

So, the garage gets cluttered. Well the garage would get cluttered even if I took all of my fishing gear and stored it in a nearby self-storage unit. But the problem is that those places don’t have individual units big enough for all my fishing junk, and I don’t feel like paying for more than one. Which leaves me with my garage.

In effort to make the garage a bit more organized, and to capitalize on the vertical space, I builded me a movable rod rack, redneck-style!

It’s amazing what some PVC and a little ingenuity can do!

Here are some pics that further illustrate the genius, er…the redneck, design:

Note the sturdy design. When I first built it, the pipes were annoyingly straight. Now there is a nice, gentle, aesthetically-pleasing bow in the frame.

Yes, I did actually use a stud-finder so that the load-bearing pulleys are mounted into solid wood. Actually I had my buddy Ted mark the studs for me. Every time I try to use a stud-finder the thing won’t stop beeping at me.

Nothing says “secure” like a hitch knot over a couple of nails hammered in at opposing angles.

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