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Aha! Apparently the bad luck that frequently accompanies our trips is because of the “Todd” portion of “Matt and Todd”. I left the dock with my brother and nephew, and Todd was elsewhere. And it was one of the BEST FISHING TRIPS EVER!

Double Hook Up - Croaker and TroutMy nephew, Ryan, was visiting from Oregon, and had never been fishing on the East Coast. He’s not a total newbie…he has the fishing theory down, and in fact has wet a… READ THE REST

Every spring in Richmond, when the dogwoods bloom, the Shad are “running” up the James River in Richmond. It is that glorious time of year when the Ancarrows boat ramp becomes the home of countless boat-owning lunatics. The banks of the James are lined with people, who, if they chose, could hop to the other side of the river on the boats that are stacked in like cord wood.

Which is why we decided go… READ THE REST

Several years ago, Matt and I decided to take the boat to the Florida Keys for vacation. The
drive from Central Virginia to Islamorada is a grueling 1100 mile gauntlet of fast food, gas
station coffee and rest stops. With only one week for vacation, we decided to drive down non-
stop while our wives flew down to meet us. Seventeen hours after we left Richmond, we arrived
in Tavernier. Rather… READ THE REST