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(Editor’s Note: Todd wrote this story, but I added my comments in red.  At least I think it’s red, being color blind and all.)

Years ago when Matt and I first started fishing together, trips were pretty straight forward. We were both too poor for charter boats or guides, or even decent tackle. Back then, all the fishing gear I owned fit neatly in half of the back seat of my car with room… READ THE REST

I wish that the term “blowout” meant that the wind was too great and we had to cancel our fishing trip.

Not for Matt & Todd. “Blowout” means exactly that…a tire, usually on the boat trailer, blowing out.

Yup…nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like cruising down the interstate and hearing the “boom” followed by the very loud rattling of hub on asphalt.  Especially when you’re on a turn from one interstate (I-64) to another (I-95),… READ THE REST