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So, on Sunday, December 4th, the extreme fishermen left the barn. After finally getting the boat back (after Hurricane Irene dropped a tree on her), we were itching to get back on the water.

What a beautiful day! Warm weather, calm winds, and great company made our trip seem like something right out of a Bud Light commercial. (I love you, man. But you’re not getting my Bud!)

What could possibly go wrong? Or,… READ THE REST

When I first started collecting fishing gear, I had one rod, and one tackle box. The rod was used in salt or fresh water. I used it to catch 4-inch bluegills in a local pond, and I hauled in 20-inch striped bass out of saltwater. My tacklebox had one rack for freshwater (hooks, and bobbers…that’s it), and one for saltwater (hooks and sinkers).

Those days are astern. Now I have a specific rod for each… READ THE REST