I wish that the term “blowout” meant that the wind was too great and we had to cancel our fishing trip.

Not for Matt & Todd. “Blowout” means exactly that…a tire, usually on the boat trailer, blowing out.

Yup…nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like cruising down the interstate and hearing the “boom” followed by the very loud rattling of hub on asphalt.  Especially when you’re on a turn from one interstate (I-64) to another (I-95), in a not-so-great part of Richmond, with no shoulder on the road.

We pulled over as far as we could onto the first street we came to, but were still in a lane.  The good news is that a couple of very helpful, very nice drunk guys stopped to help us.  (Well, their wives stopped…they were driving sober.)  My wife is still trying to figure out how we got someone else to change our tire.  Todd’s quite the charmer!

The bad news is that one of the lug nuts was stripped.  The good news is that I had two types of sockets, and the smaller one fit.

The good news is that the spare tire came off the u-bolt with no problem.  The bad news is, it was flat.

The good news is that I actually keep an air compressor in my truck.  The bad news is that when I went to unscrew the cap to the valve stem, the entire valve stem twisted and popped out of the tire, to the whooshing sound of the remaining air coming out of the spare.

The good news is that the Honda Pilot also has a donut with 5 holes for the hub studs.  The bad news is that the hole for the hub itself was too small.

After wrestling with rusted lug nuts for an hour and a half, trying the various wheels we had available to us, we ended up putting the original blown wheel on, since we figured that was the most damaged.  Then we drove it to the quaintest little alley a mere two blocks from the “bad part” of town, and dropped the boat from the truck.  We moved everything of value that we could from the boat to the truck, grateful that we didn’t decide to bring all the crab pots this trip.

I tried to get the names of the good Samaritans…they’ll just have to read about themselves here.

It all worked out, of course, the next day.  But that’s actually another adventure…

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