Matt and Todd met in college, in September of 1988.

That was the first time Matt tried to kill him.

It wasn’t on purpose that time.  They had met in some 100-level class. (Shocking that these two bubbas are college-edjamacated!)  It didn’t take long for the topic of fishing to come up, since it was a passion for both of them.

It was just a few weeks ago that Matt had discovered a beautiful piece of water not too far from where he lived.  A beaver dam had made a lake, and that lake was loaded with bass.  (Remember, those kinds of places went undiscovered back then, since Google hadn’t invented satellite imagery yet.)

So, Matt & Todd went fishing.  It was the first of many trips.  Matt was such a nice guy, that he invited Todd to come check out the newest find.  They drove to the little pull-off nearest the lake (or pond), and started the 20 minute hike down a relatively shallow stream, and through a small patch of woods.

Ignoring the gathering dark clouds, Matt & Todd broke out their rods and started tearing up the largemouth on small split-back Rapala floater/divers.  The fact that these fish would jump out of the water to hit the lure before it even landed was either a testimony to the untouched nature of the pond, or to the fact that fish tend to feed heavily right before a storm.

“Hey…I wonder if these fish are biting so great because there’s a storm coming!”, said Todd.

“Naah.  It’s just that no one has ever fished here before!”, replied Matt.

“Those clouds are looking a little dark.”, mentioned Todd.

“Yeah, but those are going to blow around us…FISH ON!”, Matt stated casually as he hooked up with yet another bass.

Todd was courteous enough to stop yammering while Matt landed and released the fish.  While he made a few more casts himself, he noticed the clouds creeping closer.  And by “creeping” I mean suddenly, with great velocity.

“Those clouds are creeping a bit closer.”, Todd observed.

“What was that?”, Matt asked, since he couldn’t hear Todd over the rumbling thunder.

“I’m wondering about the wisdom of standing knee deep in a pond waving graphite poles in the air.  I think we should head back to the truck.”,  Todd remarked.  And by “remarked” I mean yelled loudly while waving his arms up and down.

“I’ve lived here all my life, Todd…when the clouds come in from that direction, they always blow off to the northwest.  We’ll be…FISH ON!”

It was while Matt was landing this latest fish that it started to rain, and the storm veered off it’s aforementioned course.  Apparently the waving of graphite rods from an acre of open water can change weather patterns that have been established for decades.  Matt was pondering this meteorological phenomenon when lightning struck three or four trees around the perimeter of the pond simultaneously and the sky decided to try to make the top half of the boys as wet as the bottom half.

“Huh.”, Matt remarked.  Although Todd claims it sounded more like, “RUUUUUUUNNNNN!”

Most of the deluge had stopped by the time they actually made it back to the truck.  They decided to dry off by standing in the drizzle before getting into the car and driving home in the rain.

On one thing Matt & Todd agreed…it was a FUN FISHING TRIP!

And though outwardly Todd claims to have forgiven his new friend for the early attempt on his life, his actions show that he has not yet stopped trying to repay him.

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  1. You two haven’t gotten a bit smarter in 22 years! Like ya both right much, but you aint right!

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